Why Did I Go Vegan?

In May 2016, a friend and I decided that we would do a 21-day vegan challenge for health/detoxing purposes. Beyonce was doing it, so we basically had to, right?!

It was fun for 3 or 4 days, then I started running out of things to eat. It got harder as I began to realize that a lot of the food I was eating before the challenge was NOT vegan. So, I did some research on vegan diets to figure out what I should eat to stay full and focused! And because the Internet is a thing, I fell down a rabbit hole…BIG TIME!

I started reading articles about the meat and dairy industry and watching videos that were “illegally” filmed. Seeing videos of cows and pigs being beaten for walking too slow because they are physically and emotionally exhausted from the abuse they have endured for their whole life, broke my heart! Seeing male baby chicks being thrown into a grinder ALIVE just because they don’t produce eggs, like…. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO THESE ANIMALS?!

You’re forcing cows to have babies, and then killing them… Or shoving 100 chickens into a 12” by 12” pitch black room and calling them ”Cage Free”… Would you do the same thing to kittens and hamsters?! Like, what makes a goat or sheep less deserving of comfort and happiness than a dog or cat?

I digress.

I found out about the vegan lifestyle on accident. But I’m choosing to be vegan on purpose, (contrary to the popular beliefs of some of my family members) because I don’t want to contribute to the torture of animals. I want to treat any and every creature (animals and humans) the way that Jesus would have. (Which is hard because humans be trippin’… pray my strength. Lol)

Lots of people argue that God created animals for us to consume. I believe that is true. But I also believe that ethical treatment is deserved for these animals. WE feel that, as humans, we shouldn’t be unjustly murdered or taken from our mothers (kidnapped) or raped. What makes us more deserving of comfort and love and justice than animals. All of us (people and animals) were created for God, by God. We all deserve to be treated with compassion.

(Missing segue… Hahaha)

Mammals were created in a specific way. In order to make more, they have to breed. If we waited around, we could still get milk and meat. But since nature is “too slow”, America gets to play God by artificially inseminating cows (and other animals) so that they will get pregnant and produce “breast milk” for PEOPLE. Milk that is meant for their children. And since we want ALL the milk they produce, their children are also taken from them after less than 2 days! If they stayed around too long, they would drink their Mom’s milk! And that is supposed to be for us! The male calves are fed iron-deficient diets so they can become veal. The female calves are made into milk machines like mom.

I could be wrong, but based on my knowledge of Jesus, I don’t think he would support the abuse, rape, kidnapping, mutilation, exploitation or torture of any creature.

How can we love other people, when we can’t even love a goat. Trust me, goats will never talk about yo’ mama!

(There are a few places left that treat their animals ethically, you just have to do your research! I’m not trying to convert anyone. You all are entitled to your own opinions. I just wrote this to spread awareness. HERE! EDUCATE YOURSELF! There are also more environmental and health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle, but…that’s a whole ‘nother post!)


The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world.

Paul Farmer


P.S. Go Vegan <3

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