Vegan Baked (or Fried) Beignets

Who says Vegans only eat plants? Okay...  I do eat mostly plants, with the exception of these amazing vegan Beignets! Traditionally, these babies are fried, but for a lower fat version, you can bake them!I baked them and was shocked at how great they still tasted. FRIED: BAKED: While they do take some patience, 3 hours [...]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

  I spent so much time (before going vegan) researching and baking my life away, in order to create the PERFECT, chewy, crispy, chocolatey, buttery,  chocolate chip cookie recipe. Soon after creating one I was satisfied with, I went Vegan. So with no eggs, no butter, and no milk chocolate... I thought I'd have to say [...]

Pink Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

You guys! Welcome Back! I hope you are having a fantastic day and just want to remind you, yes, YOU, that you are worth loving and you can change the world by just being yourself. Okay, here is the recipe post. I am currently working on a TON of Valentine's Day recipes for you guys. [...]

8 Tips for Mindful Eating in 2018

2018 is…. It’s coming. Soon…. So soon. The new year tends to stir up a desire for change. Whether it’s something as drastic as a career switch, or something as simple as painting your room a different color, simple changes make most people feel new and invigorated. And when that change is something you have [...]

Crock Pot Quinoa Chili + Cashew Sour Cream

This recipe is perfect for those days when you don't want to cook. Besides the quinoa and onions, you're just throwing things into a pot and leaving it be until its done cooking. All the spices can be modified to achieve your desired flavor/spiciness/salty-ness, etc. I serve this plain, with salad, with chips, and sometimes with bread. [...]

RAW Vegan Brownie Bites

These Babies.... omg. SO GOOD! If you crave chocolate all the time, like I do, this is the perfect recipe for you. It takes 10 minutes to throw together and is made with DATES & NUTS! They are also free of Refined Sugar, so you can indulge in some Guilt-Free Chocolatey Deliciousness!  Seriously, these taste like Brownie [...]

-Banana Bread (GF, RSF)-

For everyone requesting gluten-free recipes, here is one I love! Most gluten-free baked good recipes that I have tried have been grainy and dry. While this one is slightly grainy (something you can't really dodge when using GF flour), it is super moist and the banana flavor is amazing!  I also found that topping each [...]

-Peanut Butter Crinkle Cookies-

Man, I practically grew up on peanut butter cookies! My mom had a recipe using just peanut butter, eggs, and sugar that she would whip up for almost every occasion. I got a craving for them recently, but since they are not vegan, I had to improvise. I wanted to incorporate the fluffy,  the sweet, the [...]

-Pancakes- (RSF, GF)

A healthier version of your favorite brunch item! White flour and white sugar are commonly found in pancake recipes. While they yield an amazing result, white flour and sugar are processed and refined, therefore they are not "whole" foods. Eating whole foods as much as possible is SO important.  This is the easiest way to ensure we [...]

-Banana Bread Biscotti-

If you're anything like me, you might have the tendency to buy more food for the week than you can actually consume. As a result, I always have ripe bananas laying around... just begging to be used. After multiple banana pancakes, loaves and cakes were created, I was craving something different, and thus, Banana Bread Biscotti was [...]